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Web Cams Come to Kennebunkport

by Carol Standish
If you get the feeling you're being watched as you poke around the village and environs of Kennebunkport, you probably are. 
John Maguire has seen to it. In the last couple of years Maguire has been involved in the installation of half a dozen 
strategically placed "web cams" around town all uploading to the Internet.Route 9 camera, circa 1999The busiest and longest established camera 
sits atop the roof of Bartley's Dockside Dining, aimed at the Route 9 bridge and the river basin beyond.
It captures foot, vehicular, and equine traffic crossing the bridge as well as the small boats in the basin. 
Vacationers who know about  the camera have been observed standing on the sidewalk and waving to 
the folks back home. 
This year Maguire added a second camera to Bartley's roof aimed down river. Bustling marine 
activity of all types is recorded in the picturesque marine scene. The cameras update every 60 
seconds and switch from bridge to river view every 6 minutes.
The I-Café at Bartley's was also set up by Maguire. Cable modem service provides speedy Internet 
access. Visitors can pick up e-mail or surf the web for a reasonable $6 per half hour or $10 an hour 
while enjoying a complimentary coffee, tea or soda. For reservations call 967-5050.
Maguire installed Gooch's Beach web cam on a roof on the Seaside Motor Inn complex one blustery 
Boatyard CamFebruary day last winter, the temperature hovering around zero. He's an indoor kind of guy so this was 
a true test of his dedication. The camera is directed at the expanse of Gooch's Beach and the bold 
Atlantic and updates every three minutes. Be sure to catch this camera on the Fourth of July. Its perfectly 
situated for a view of the fireworks off the beach. (Maguire hopes to station himself and another camera 
at the Lord's Point end of things for a second persective. All he needs is a phone line.)
Cape Porpoise Tide Cam provides a view of outer Cape Porpoise Harbor and the surrounding flats-when 
the tide is out. Half hour updates give a graphic indication of the progress of the tide. What you can't tell unless 
you visit twice in an hour is whether its "comin or goin". The Cape Porpoise Harbor cam, installed on the upper 
deck of the Wright Gallery, looks down the inner harbor toward the pier and Goat Island Light beyond. These two 
cameras operate from dawn to dusk.
An early logoAll of these real time views of Kennebunkport can be seen on the web at The page also provides views of Nubble Light 
in York and the rolling hills of Vermont. Maguire plans to add to the page as 
he branches out, installing cameras around the region.
While you're enjoying the electronic views of your favorite resort village, 
click around on the site to learn more about the town and the wired Maguire… is a link list of local organizations and businesses, sites 
designed by Maguire's company Mousam River Software, including Mutley's 
page-a local cyberdog who indulges in town gossip and other conversations 
and provides more Kennebunkport pictures.
Maguire has been actively involved in computer consulting since he moved to 
the area in 1988. Born and brought up in New York City, he was first exposed 
to computers by his father who was in charge of the first computer ever 
installed at one of the large New York Banks. Before he gave in to his true calling, 
Maguire investigated careers in English literature and medicine and worked 
construction for a while both here and in Colorado. He's pretty much 
a happy man now, doing what he loves in an endlessly changing field-a far cry from 
his father's main frame. If you want to set up a custom computer system, 
a web site, web cam or if you have a need for custom software, contact 
John Maguire at 985-xxxx or e-mail
Links to salty New England web cams can be found at
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