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Mutley's Maine-ly Kennebunkport Photograph Diary

To all of Mutley's fans: it is with great sadness of heart that I tell you all that John died Tuesday morning. He loved all of you for appreciating his photos. He drew strength through this long painful journey with cancer from each of you who reached out to him and I thank you for bringing brightness to his days. I have not decided what will become of Mutley's page, I know John still has many pictures of his world to share. John's wife Tricia.

I will end with the thanks that John would want to share: Anyhow, thank you as always for your prayers and kindnesses, please be assured that they are appreciated! ~ John

I am doing what I can to post this but having some trouble - John's obituary can be viewed online at:

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Mutley's Page for January 19, 2011.

Goodnight Sweet Prince of Maine

John Tracy Maguire

5/16/1947 - 1/18/2011


© 1998-2010 by Mutley & John T Maguire, Kennebunkport Maine. Our pictures are free to view, but you may not print nor distribute them, nor use them in any commercial application without written permission. We will ocasionally print up and frame by request, or we will be happy to email you an original so that you may have it professionally printed for a small donation. John & Mutley

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Notes from a Kennebunkport photographer is an old biography of my human, John Maguire, and you might be interested in his August, 2006 update, too. If you like our pictures, you might enjoy this.

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